Peel & Stick Curtain/Drapery Grommet Covers

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I've been there, too....

Clutching my 20% off Bed Bath and Beyond coupon in one hand while fumbling through endless drapery samples with the other. And then I find them!!

THE. PERFECT. DRAPERY. PANELS. I feel the rush of excitement!! You all know what I'm talking about here. ;) LOL

But wait a minute....the grommets on these drapes are new curtain rods are the most wonderful oil rubbed bronze. This is not going to work....the curtains end up looking tacky if they don't match the curtain rod (just my personal opinion).

So many times this has happened to me. I've tried replacing the grommets and destroying the curtains in the process. Painting the grommets...I won't even begin to tell you how that ended up. Broke down and spray painted my curtain rods....a week long project that was a mess!

This set of 16 (SIXTEEN) Peel & Stick, Self Adhesive Vinyl Grommet Covers fit #12 (2.4”) size grommets which are the most popular size used in ready made curtain panels. Most panels have 6 or 8 grommets per panel (except for oversized panels so just be sure to double check). We'll be offering other sizes soon but this is the most popular size so we're starting with these.  Other colors and wood shades will be added shortly.

Happy to help with custom colors so please CONTACT US and we'll be glad to give you a quote.

Instructions are included for quick and easy application! You'll be hanging your beautiful matching grommet draperies on your curtain rods in no time!!

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS:  Once applied and in place for a month to allow the adhesive to completely cure, curtains can be machined washed on delicate, line or tumble dry LOW.  DO NOT DRY CLEAN.  Remove covers before dry cleaning and replace with a fresh set after cleaning.  After Many multiple washings the covers may need to be replaced if they become loose.  An alternative cleaning method to extend the life of your covers is to use an at home dry cleaning cloth in your dryer on LOW for ten minutes.

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