No Fray Inkjet Printable Fabric Sheets

We are the proud inventors of this unique, patented, NO FRAY inkjet printable fabric.  The ONLY one of it's kind available on the market today!  In fact, it's exactly how we started in the labeling business!  Originally being a very small scale clothing/handbag design company, we could not afford the high quantity and cost of woven labels, so we invented a way to make our own!  They were the first of their kind back in 2000 that we sold on Ebay and we could never keep them in stock.  Since then we've grown to offer lots of low quantity, but high end branding supplies so we aren't able to print these labels any longer, but we do offer the sheets so you can print them yourself at home.  Never accept any imitations - these are the ORIGINAL, NO FRAY inkjet printable fabric sheets!

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