New Product and Need Some Feedback!

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Hey Everyone!  

Hope your weekend is going great so far! 

We have an exciting new product to share and also wanted to get some feedback!

Next week we are going to start selling our FAUX LEATHER LABELS!!  Super excited because these have a faster turnaround, they are vegan/environmentally friendly and just plain AMAZING!   

They are actually a cellulose paper product, but look like leather and wash like fabric!  Yep - the same labels you have on the back of your famous maker jeans! :)

We'll have them available in 4 colors!  Yayyy!!



Also a question for everyone...we've had lots of requests for sewing services to stitch on the labels and patches to your garments and hats.  Is this something you would like us to offer in the future?  I will seriously consider this if we have enough clients needing this service, so please let me know.

Anyway - just a quick little post right now and will be back in touch next week with some CPSIA labeling info!

 Have a fabulous weekend!


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